7 Must-Have Instant Pot Accessories to Make Cooking Effortless

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The Instant Pot has become a kitchen staple for many households. This multi-functional appliance has revolutionized how we cook by making meals faster and more convenient. However, did you know that there are accessories that can make cooking with an Instant Pot even easier? This blog post will explore seven Instant Pot accessories that will enhance your cooking experience.

Here are the 7 Instant Pot accessories

1. Steamer Basket

Instant Pot’s most versatile feature is its ability to cook food under pressure. However, a steamer basket can come in handy if you’re cooking something that requires steaming, such as vegetables or seafood. This accessory allows you to burn your food above the liquid, preventing it from getting soggy. It is also great for cooking multiple foods, such as rice and vegetables.

2. Glass Lid

The Instant Pot has a standard pressure-cooking lid, which is excellent for most dishes. However, if you want to use your Instant Pot as a slow cooker or for sautéing, a glass lid is a great accessory. It allows you to see what’s cooking without releasing heat, and it also fits securely onto the Instant Pot, so you don’t have to worry about spills.

3. Springform Pan

If you love baking, a springform pan is a must-have accessory for your Instant Pot. This type of pan has a removable bottom, which makes it easy to release cakes and other baked goods without damaging them. Plus, since the Instant Pot uses steam, your cakes and other baked goods will come out moist and delicious.

4. Egg Rack

If you love hard-boiled eggs, an egg rack is a great accessory. This rack holds your eggs securely and allows them to cook evenly. Plus, since the Instant Pot uses steam, your eggs will come out ideally every time. The egg rack is also great for making deviled eggs, egg salad, and other egg dishes.

5. Silicone Lid

If you’re someone who frequently meal preps or stores leftovers, a silicone lid is a great accessory to have. It fits securely onto the Instant Pot and allows you to store food directly in the Pot, saving you from transferring your food to a separate container. Plus, since it is made of silicone, it is durable and easy to clean.

6. Magnetic Cheat Sheet

If you’re new to using an Instant Pot or want to expand your recipe repertoire, a magnetic cheat sheet is a great accessory. It sticks directly to the Instant Pot and provides cooking times and settings for various foods, from meats to grains to vegetables. This cheat sheet is also great for remembering how long to cook something or what stage to use.

7. Mini Mitts

When using an Instant Pot, it’s essential to be careful when handling the hot lid or inner Pot. Mini mitts are a great accessory, allowing you to handle these items safely and quickly. They are small enough to store in a drawer or cabinet so that they won’t take up too much space in your kitchen.


In conclusion, these seven Instant Pot accessories can make cooking with your Instant Pot even more accessible and more convenient. From a steamer basket to a magnetic cheat sheet, these accessories will allow you to cook various dishes and make the most of your Instant Pot. So, whether you’re a seasoned Instant Pot user or just starting, consider adding these accessories to your kitchen arsenal.

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