What is black cumin, why should I eat it and what are its benefits?

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What is black cumin, why should I eat it and what are its benefits
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A diminutive flowering shrub native to the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and western Asia is known as black cumin (Nigella sativa). Its seeds are frequently used in traditional medicine and cookery.

There are a number of health advantages to eating black cumin seeds or oil, such as:

Enhancing immune system performance: Compounds in black cumin may help boost immunity and guard against illnesses.
Reducing inflammation: Due to its high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory content, black cumin may help lessen inflammatory reactions in the body and possibly lessen the symptoms of eczema, asthma, and arthritic arthritis.
Consuming black cumin seeds or oil may help lower blood sugar levels and enhance insulin sensitivity, according to some research.
Enhancing heart health: Black cumin may help lower blood pressure, decrease cholesterol levels, and enhance heart health.
Black cumin may have anticancer properties and could aid in preventing the development of specific kinds of cancer cells, according to some studies.

It’s crucial to remember that additional study is required to completely comprehend the potential health advantages of black cumin, and that it shouldn’t be used as a substitute for medical care. It is recommended to first discuss black cumin with your healthcare provider if you are interested in trying it.

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